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What is an Upset?


Here is a question I really have to pose because I am not sure if people understand the concept of an ‘upset’ or maybe I am looking to argue. That without a doubt is one reason I am writing this but here it goes.
Last night (Saturday) I was in Bellevegas to watch the Bulls host the Majors in Game 2 of their series. In a vehicle with the HAZEFM.CA/MTSR.CA Majors radio crew.
I was nestled in the back seat listening to the older gents talk OHL and found what was said interesting. A definitely new way of looking at the same issue from people who have followed the Jr. game longer than I have… heck their individual broadcasting careers are longer than my age. So I do have respect and time for them. On the ride found out that Sudbury beat Ottawa in overtime 8-7 and it was mentioned that it was an upset… I kinda coiffed an eyebrow at that and listened to them speak some more on issues around the league as the radio was locked out due to anti theft procedures and an incorrect code in the owners manual. Got to the game in Belleville and watched the bulls lose, but they put up an amazing effort in the game. And then found out some other scores from around the league.
Windsor beat erie in double OT. Plymouth beat Kit in OT and London beat OS in … regulation. But everyone was throwing around the UPSET word to freely. Like when I use PUCK BUNNY. People I am not 100% serious everytime I use it in a tweet. But this Upset word… please. Use it with caution. Just because a 5 defeats a 4 doesn’t mean that it is an upset.
Also we are talking about one game. It is really this simple. One game does not a series make. Agreed?
London evening the series at 1 with Owen Sound is expected. It really is. Why? Because it is LONDON. Even if they are not suppose to win the series you can not count them out of being competitive. No I am not saying that LONDON will defeat the Attack. I positive, without double checking, I said Owen Sound in 7. That means London will win at least 3 games. so just because the 1st seed in a conference does not sweep the 8th it does not make it an upset. The same goes for KIT and PLY. A 3 and  matchup. It can not be an upset just because PLY won 2 straight. This is junior hockey. We have seen teams come back from 3-0 deficits and win the series in 7. Hello, Windsor Spitfires? Just last year… against the Rangers… just had to rub that salt in the wounds lol.
But really people the one thing about the west I have said, and I am sure every single ‘expert’ on JR hockey has said this year is THE WESTERN CONFERENCE IS MORE OPEN THAN… ok maybe that is stretching it too far but we all call it the wild wild west. And this proves it. 
Now in the east, well the only thing that they are talking about as ‘upset’ in the east is SBY and OTT. 2 points here. If you were ever watching Sudbury you know that they are a very hot team going into the playoffs who got off to almost as bad a start as Erie in the West. SO Sudbury did have potential, when healthy, to be a possible 3 or 4 seed. But they did not get healthy until January when… surprise surprise they really turned their season around and took off.  So why does this shock people? Because it is 2 versus 7? Ok I can see that argument but if you watched these teams a lil closer you would see that the only upsets in the East would be Bulls over Majors Battalion over IceDogs and Fronts over Oshawa. Oh and the other point here about SBY and OTT it was in OT. Anything can happen. If it was in regulation I would put a lil more stock into the word upset. But in OT. It doesn’t matter because it is sudden death. A bad bounce here. A clear clips off the refs skate, interference doesn’t get called. So many other factors that aren’t the same in the initial 60 minute frame.

So please someone enlighten me on why you use this UPSET word. Please. I am open minded and would like to hear the reasoning and rationale. I really would. But like I said only 3 of these 8 could be upsets and those three series are all… but over right now.

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