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US Invasion?


So this caught my Eye… and I am not sure if this is something that has happened before in the first round… I will investigate afterwards… why do research right?

So the way that I predicted the playoffs in the western conference this could be the worst Western Semi Finals in history… not because it is bad hockey. But geographically speaking. It could really end up being Owen Sound, Plymouth, Erie and Saginaw in the Semis… Weird isn’t it. Where’s the London Guelph Kitchener and Windsor… oh… yeah… they would have lost.
So it would be Owen Sound and Plymouth in one series and Erie and Saginaw in the other… here it the problem out of the entire western confrence playoffs there would only be up to 4 games available to watch in Canada. That would be 4 home games for Owen Sound. Now I have already said that it is a shame that Canadians can not watch the hockey the American home games because it is great hockey to watch. Erie is high power offence that people who love Washington Capitals hockey will enjoy. The Whalers play like the Philadelphia Flyers while the Saginaw Spirit play like… well themselves… I don’t have an NHL team affiliate type team for their style. But great goaltending big tough forwards with skill and a D Corps that can rival any team??? Detroit??? Maybe.
But it is very  weird that you will have a conference semi finals dominated by the US teams and one without the usual 4 suspects.

Ok now that I have done some research… the last time all US franchises have been in the Western Semis… would be the 2001 playoffs where it was Plymouth and Erie I the Western Finals… but there was no Saginaw that season and Brampton was in the west because Toronto was in the east with Northbay… man it is so scary going back so far. SO yes this could be the First time the 3 US based franchises could be in the Conference Semis together and with a non traditional Ontario based powerhouse franchise joining them in the four some… very odd. But a great sign that this parity thing kinda exists… at least in one half of the league.

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