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Q&A with Windsor's Kenny Ryan

I recently sat down with Leafs Prospect and Windsor Spitfires forward, Kenny Ryan. Here's what he had to say:

How did you get into hockey? And who was your biggest influence early on to push you to where you are now?
My brothers were my biggest influence in my hockey career and they motivated me to play from a very early age.  We had a backyard rink so this is where I first started to develop. 

If you could describe your game to Leaf fans, what would you tell them? Is there a current NHL’er who you try to model your game after, or who you watch for tips/tricks?
I’m a two-way forward who is reliable defensively and who never takes a shift off.  In terms of NHL players that I model my game after and that I watch closely, I’d have to say Ryan Kesler from the Canucks and Dustin Brown from the Kings. 

When you came into the new OHL Season, did you set any personal goals for yourself?
Personally, I was looking to score more points in every situation and have a bigger year offensively, which I’ve been able to accomplish already.  I knew that I was going to have a bigger role this year as a leader on and off the ice, so this was something I was also looking forward to.  I try to do whatever will help the team to win. 

With every player, scouts and player personnel managers see ‘flaws’ to their game. Is there anything you’re trying to improve on specifically as a player as you look to make the next step?
I think the big thing is trying to be consistent night-in and night-out and to work hard every shift and every game so this is something I really focus on.  To make the next step, continuing to develop as a player and to keep progressing are the main things that will help me accomplish my goal of playing in the NHL.

Is there someone in the Maple Leafs organization with whom you stay in communication with? What are they stressing to you about your game for further growth and development?
Christian Hanson is someone that I keep in touch with from the organization and when we talk, he’s been stressing the importance of developing every time you go out for practice or that you play and also to do something each game and each practice to make yourself better.

How does it feel to be a part of the Maple Leafs organization? Did you grow up a Leafs fan?
It’s great to be part of the Leafs organization, they’re an original six team which is great and Toronto is the mecca of hockey with the way Leafs fans follow the team.  I didn’t grow up a Leafs fan but I certainly am one now.  

Any parting thoughts or comments to the masses of ‘Leafs Nation’?
I hope Toronto is able to continue on their hot run and get into the post-season and I also hope to be wearing the “Leaf” and be a part of Toronto’s organization very soon.

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