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Game Review - Brampton Battalion vs Peterborough Petes, March 6


BRAMPTON - What a very different place the powerade centre was on Sunday when compared to Friday's game when the Sudbury Wolves were in town. Even though the announced attendance was better on Sunday than fridays game. The game with Peterborough in town was so listless and dead. Both teams.

The Battalion peppered the Petes like they did against Sudbury only to a better result.
The final score of 4-1 was thanks to Andrew D'Agostini standing on his head, since the Peterborough defence was no where to be found. In fact if you remove the goal by Geoff Bezruchkko. The highlight of the game for the Petes was a defensive effort by Steven trojanovic in the 2nd where he hurried back to interrupt Same Carrick on a partial break.
And I am not talking about the defensive play of the day. The actual highlight of the game for the petes was that. Very Lame.

A minute and a half in Scott Tanski scores. And right from those 90 seconds. I think everyone in the building knew the game was over. The defensive breakdown by Peterborough was not an accident. It is what they have been doing all year long. And it continued for the remaining 58:30 of the game.

After the first period the shots were 12-1 in favour of the Battalion, like a carbon copy of Friday's game only they were leading instead of trailing.
The first period also featured a good heavy weight tilt between BRA's Alex O'Neil and PBO's Derek Mathers. Both stayed standing and it had to go to the judges cards...

In the same period there was another tilt as well as PBO's Clark Seymour stood with BRA's Matt MacLeod. Another judges decision. This one would go to MacLeod as Seymour needed stitches afterwards.

After 20 minutes. I didn't care any more and was hoping for another BRA St. Jacques shutout or an amazing highlight reel save by Andrew D'Agostini. I got neither.
In fact. After the first, I spent the rest of the game texting Matt Puempel (name drop). Discussing the game. His hip. And flying pucks. Listen to this TPG interview to understand what I mean.

What I did notice is that Austin Watson wasn't alive in the first period and I tweeted about it. ( and he must have saw it. Because either the first or second shift. He practically killed a Battalion player into the boards.
There was a lot of line shuffling by PBO Coach Mike Pelino, I counted 5 different people who played with Jack Walchessen, but nothing could get going.

All in all. Whether you are a Battalion fan or a Petes fan. You didn't miss anything. Except for the Petes being pissed that they missed out on an opportunity to tie Belleville for 8th place.

Post Game Interview with Petes' Captain Jack Walchessen

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