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What is #FreeFarwell? And more importantly WHY!?!

BY: Brandon Sudeyko

            I guess it is only fair to warn you all that I am clearly biased. I am biased of players teams coaches broadcasters and analysts. The truth is so are you. You have your favourites and you have the people you love to hare and the people you flat out will not give the time of day. And I understand that as ‘media’ I am to be objectionable and unbiased and give everyone a fair opportunity. And that is what I do. You have the opportunity to be liked or hated by me. To sound like a genius or sound like a moron. Everyone has that opportunity. It is nothing new. I guess where I get ragged on is the fact that I ‘play favourites’ with my radio show or my twitter account. Fair enough. I respect those opinions and I disagree. When I fight with KIT fans for example it is as a London Knights fan. Not as the IN THE O… guy. The only thing I have done as the IN THE O… guy which should raise ire of people is the #FreeFarwell Campaign.
            I believe I am… in fact I know I am the creator and architect of this campaign. If you search #FreeFarwell in twitter I am clearly posting the first hashtag. The question I get from many is what is it? what are we freeing farwell from? Doesn’t he do the radio broadcasts though? Well I will tell you what it is and you an decide to be apart of the #FreeFarwell campaign or not.
            The campaign was started just recently not even a week ago I believe where I got entirely fed up with the TV broadcasts of the Kitchener Rangers on RogersTV. As people I am sure Gary Hahn and Andrew Macklin are great people but as Broadcasters for television I am disgusted. My biggest pet peeve is calling players by the wrong name. that is a no no . seriously. You have tons of time to prepare and you either are ignorant or you don’t know the difference between 6 and 8 as in 16 Garrett Meurs and 18 Alex Aleardi of the Plymouth Whalers. Which according to Gary are interchangeable. GET THE PLAYERS CORRECT!
            But I digress a bit. Rogers apparently thought Mike Farwell and Torch were not the combination that could lead a Rangers broadcast well Gary Hahn and Andrew Macklin are failing. Poorly. So starting the #freeFarwell campaign is a way to show my displeasure. And apparently I was not alone. Many people feel the same way including one suggestion to simulcast Don and Mike on both 570News and the RogersTV broadcast.
            So there you go. Everyone who has supported this campaign from the beginning feels the same way as I do. To those who supported and didn’t know why. Now you know. And to those who want to continue the support to bring back Mike Farweel to the TV broadcast keep those #freeFarwell tags coming. All support is appreciated and hopefully someone will listen. Remember it is Community TV and if the Community wants it, the community should get it.
            To all those people, from rangers fans, to media, to teams, to people on twitter, I know I can speak for Mike Farwell when I say, ‘thank you for all the support very appreciated’
            And as this is the final day of the #FreeFarwell campaign, OFFICIALLY, you can still support with signs, t-shirts, face paint etc at Game 5 tomorrow in KITCHENER. Make noise be heard and Support #freeFarwell

And to those haters who believe I am jealous beause I am not on tv. Search the March14th blog to see my first television broadcast. If I can do it… any idiot can do it. But not everyone can perfect it like Farwell. 

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