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OHL Playoff Breakdown - Eastern Conference

OHL Playoff Breakdown – Eastern Conference - Explained
By: Brandon Sudeyko

So a few days ago I put it out there all the possible matchups that could happen for the OHL playoffs. I also listed based on the matchups what I would think that could happen in terms of winners and losers and how many games. What I didn't give you is a reasoning why Ottawa will fall in 7 games. Or why Oshawa will take out anyone they face... Well now it is explained.

(1) Mississauga St. Michaels Majors vs. (8) Belleville Bulls – MIS in 5
Is this even up for debate? I believe that no one believes Belleville can actually win this.  I am pretty confident that Belleville believes that they are toast. 
So why do I say MIS in 5 and not 4. What does Belleville have to lose. The pressure here is on Mississauga to get rid of Belleville as soon as possible. They are memorial cup hosts who need to prove that they truly belong as the Hosts of the prestigious event. So all that top level talent that is on the team needs to step up in this first round to shutdown the Belleville Bulls. The only problem is with all the pressure on Mississauga. I expect a 2-1 overtime victory for the Bulls sometime in the series as Subban or Teichmann stand on their heads to pull out a victory. That will probably be on Belleville ice. But if the Bulls can pull out a home split in Mississauga. Expect the flood gates to open up. 

(2) Ottawa 67’s vs. (7) Sudbury Wolves – SBY in 7
there is no question that Sudbury is one of the most dangerous and underrated teams in the OHL. On any given day they can definitely beat any team in the East or the West. The Addidtions of Michael Sgarbossa and Michael McDonald offensively. The blueline emergence of Josh McFadden alongside the mainstays of Marcus Foligno, Eric O’Dell, Mike Lomas, and Alain Valiquette. This core of players infused with the youth that is willing to do whatever it takes can overcome the coaching deficiency that is Tret Cull. On the other hand you have this mega power Ottawa 67’s team. Toffoli, Prince, Martindale, Smith, Nesbitt and Lindsay are an amazing top 6. Their back end has solidified itself huge around Petr Mrazek. The big problem is that I believe Sudbury can be a more physical team and even though Mrazek has the better numbers than Valliquette does. There is also an issue of 67’s injuries. And their injuries lie on the back end and the bottom 6 forwards. This can be huge for the 2 games in Sudbury were Cull can match up how he likes.  I will more than likely be wrong about this outcome but I am confident it goes at least 6 and then anything can happen and I can look like a genius.

(3) Niagara IceDogs vs. (6) Brampton Battalion – NIA in 7
This will come as a surprise to most because I have been a big supporter of the IceDogs this season but what is always lost is the fact that the team is built for next season. But that doesn’t mean they can not make a lengthy run. There is too much offensive talent for the Battalion to handle. They can limit most of NIA’s chances because their D corps is one of the best. With Cameron Wind anchoring 4 rookies on the blueline expect the scoring to be down while St. Jacques plays some of their best hockey. Physically this can be very evenly matched so Brampton will have to remember one thing. The last time they played NIA and shut them out at the Bunker. The icedogs were without Strome, Friesen and Archibald. A total of 238 points out of the lineup. Will they stop Strome, Aggozino, Friesen, Archibald, F.Hamilton, Pacan, Shipley, Wilson and Theoret… not all on the same night. And don’t get me started on Niagara’s D.

(4) Oshawa Generals vs. (5) Kingston Frontenacs – OSH in 7
This series can be the most exciting. Not because they will be great games featuring tremendous D and amazing Goal Scoring with tremendous saves from the goalies. But because this series will be the definition of Gong Show. There is so much hatred between these two teams that it will not be an epic series. Will Oshawa win? No doubt. Will it be a very physical series considering these two teams history with penalties and suspensions? Yep. In the end will Christian Thomas and the Generals 3 Top Prospects send Erik Gudbranson and the Frontenacs to the golf course… you betcha. But then again I believe at this point… any team against the Frontenacs will be able to take them out with any trouble. 

Not the most analytical or scientific reasoning for why these teams will win they way they willl. But then again if you are a fan of the OHL you don’t need me to explain why these teams will win. You just want to know why I am crazy when I say Sudbury in 7 and MIS in 5. 

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