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Nice Tweets You Got There...

Tweets from In the O Host Brandon Sudeyko 

Ottawa @ Kingston Tweets

@kingstonfronts Nathan Moon has averaged 30G &40A every year in the OHL, excluding his Rookie Year. But never receives proper praise

@JonesONE8 has 4 different OHL sweaters hanging up in his personal closet SSM, ERI, BRA and KGN and is 5 goals away from 100 career

@Fpalazzese32 is from Mississauga like me. But more notably NIA Ryan @Strome18, WSR Taylor Carnevale and SAG Jake Patterson

@Fpalazzese32 has played 195 minutes in last 3 @KingstonFronts games resulting in 4 of 6 points. 1W and 2SOL

@KingstonFronts starter Philip Grubauer is enjoying his Bavarian food back in Rosenheim, Germany. Man I miss the beer!

KGN Jeff @braith5 Braithwaite returned from injury only to injure his groin this past weekend

@ottawa67shockey captain Nesbitt is from a funny town called Stitsville

The 67’s need at the most 92 points to win the Eastern Division for the second straight season

@ottawa67shockey is the least penalized team in the OHL with Dalton @dsmitty33 Smith having 116 of 840 13.8%

Saginaw @ Sault Ste. Marie Tweets

As previously mentioned Jake Patterson is from Mississauga like me, here’s an interview with him Click Here.

@SpiritHockey traded for 4 players at the deadline. Combined 22G 34A. @Sudbury_wolves Mike Sgarbossa has 25G and 27A since trade.

There are 2 Greyhounds twitter accounts @soogreyhounds & @soo_greyhounds. Official & unofficial. Both missed the playoffs.

@Soogreyhounds Matt @Mattmurray_30 Murray will be a guest on the show this week. Who has questions?

Jake Carrick may finish the season with the highest +/- rating for the Greyhounds +4 and he left at the deadline.

Even though @jeffblay made a list of unique OHL names. @soogreyhounds Brock Beukeboom has the best OHL name. and he is a captain. But not like the pirate, Capt. Greg McKegg

Oshawa @ Belleville tweets

After an interview with BEL Tyson @teach2038 Teichmann. I tweeted that it was a horrible interview. What I didn’t say is that I was mainly responsible for it.

In addition to the last tweet involving @teach2038 he hasn’t @ mentioned me since.

the@ohlBulls are very friendly on twitter. But they still have to get PK Subban’s younger brother on twitter.

Even though I Interviews BEL Mike Mascioli last year. I guarantee he still doesn’t like me. Probably because he is from Azilda.

Luke @Judder14 Judson is still one of my fav interviews this year because he is from Emo Ontario. WTF! Who names a town after a music genre lol

@OHLGenerals is not an official team twitter. It is run by a fan. So his bias is like mine. AMAZING!
Bjorn Krupp was listed as having one of the 15 most unique names in the OHL by @JeffBlay. Have a read here

The @OHLGenerals have 3 top prospects. Jensen, Jenner and Lessio. No good acronym can be had with those initials.

I did an interview with @OHLGenerals Lucas Lessio for @OpenIceHockey the link is… not to sure… but it was so good it crashed the site… lol

When I bash the Generals @N24Nicholson gets offended and we duke it out on #Twitter

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