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Super Series is Super Boring

After 9 years the OHL is still undefeated. 18-0 baby. That is what I like to see from the OHL boys… but sad to say… I didn’t watch it. I had it on in the background and glanced to see the replay of the 6 OHL goals but that is where my interest ended. This event has lost its luster and no longer a premier event.
Sure for a certain cable provider it is good numbers as many people tune in to see an All-Star team beat up on the Russians. Who doesn’t like watching Russia lose at hockey…

I am still a huge fan of the OHL and will waive the flag proudly as I proclaim it the number 1 major junior league in the world but you have to know when you jumped the shark. Lets tweak this format… I know, lets include all the potential invitee’s to the WJHC Team Canada selection camp. That way it is truly Canada versus Russia. But then we shouldn’t call them Team OHL… maybe Team Canada featuring players only from the OHL. How about we make it a true Team OHL vs Russia, lets include the Americans, or Slovaks, Germans and Swedes. That is a Team OHL right there.

I know when it first started it was a big deal. Canada vs. Russia at the Junior level, 40 years after the big 72 Summit series. The series sold itself. Now… not so much. Maybe it is just not enjoyable to watch because I am so confident in the OHL’s ability to not only put a team together but to defeat the Russians. Yes you can point out that they had to come from behind to win Game 1… But just like people complained about the 1-3-1 trap that TBL used in the NHL, who won the game? Canada did. Uh, I mean Team OHL did.

Remember when no one cared about the NHL All Star game and they made it east vs west, north America vs the world and now the who wants kessel selection process? Well, at least the NHL is trying to get people interested. I don’t feel the same way about this series when it comes to the OHL territory. I can watch the Q and the W series just fine… It is unpredictable to me and maybe that is why.

Next year in the Super Series, lets send the best non drafted Canadian OHL players to represent the OHL. Think about it, if you were not drafted and have not signed a pro contract with an NHL team, you can play. Maybe then the Russians can beat Team OHL.

That of course is one idea, I have many more and I am sure you do as well. Bottom line, something needs to be tweaked in this series because I had more fun folding my laundry this evening. Maybe if I have insomnia tonight I will watch it on my PVR, and count how many more saves the post made when compared to the Russian goaltending.

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