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ITO Prospect Files: Kristoff Kontos

This week, we head north to the nickel belt to take a look at the play of second generation player, Kristoff Kontos. Let's get to know his game a little better...

NHL Draft Prospect: Kristoff Kontos--Sudbury Wolves

The Line:
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 203 lbs
Shoots: Left
Position: Center
Draft Eligible: 2012

The pride of Penetang, Ontario, Kontos is a big, bruising center who plays the game hard, both ways. The late 1993 birthday held him back a draft year and that's a good thing as far as his status is concerned. He has gotten off to a hot start and that has caused his stock to rise.

Kontos is most effective in games where the intensity and physical play is cranked up to 10. When he is going hard, he is a tough player to stop. When the game is more of a finnesse style, he tends to fade into the background. it's not that he doesn't have the skill to play that game, it just appears that he isn't as into it.

I think Kristoff's game is one that will improve at the next level, where the intensity will be dialed up every night and he will have to bring it every night. With that said, he has gotten off to a hot start, scoring 6 goals and 13 points in his first 18 games this season and the scouts are noticing.

Kontos is a pitbull in front of the net, and is next to impossible to move. He is an adequate skater and has an NHL-caliber shot to go along with a very deft set of hands. The pedigree is also there as Kontos's father, Chris, played in the NHL and pro over seas for a long time.

Kontos projects to be a late second or early third rounder and, if his play continues on this pace, he could move up even more. The power game is something that is hard to find and although his power game is raw, it is there...and NHL teams will want it.

NHL Player Comparison: Todd Bertuzzi (now, not-so-much 10 years ago)

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