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Debate Time: Clint Windsor vs. Daniel Altshuller

As per request from @lpunkari I have decided to take my time on this subject matter.  The subject at hand you ask, how is Clint Windsor rated higher than Daniel Altshuller. It is a good topic, one that I already have strong feelings about. SO lets try and take a look at this as impartial as possible… as if.

Lets look at the things that ‘matter’ right now. The Stats. Both goaltenders are sporting almost identical stats in the 2 areas that matter most. Goals against average and save percentage. Clint Windsor is not even listed amongst the top 32 goaltenders in the GAA category. Windsor is spotting a big ol’ 3.98 while Altshuller has a 3.50 GAA. Sure Altshuller is not exactly turning heads considering his Team Canada pedigree and Jr. A resume.  But for a goalie who has played 2.5 times more games, the GAA should be waited considerably more in favour of Altshuller.

Looking at the Save percentage, another ‘key’ stat when evaluating goaltenders, both goaltenders are tied at .898. but again, it should be noted that Altshuller has played in 2.5 more games than Windsor. Where Windsor has had 166 shots, Altshuller has had 509 save attempts.

The main topic of contestation I have, is how do you rank a back up goaltender higher than a starter goaltender.

Sure, as pointed out by Thayne Hallyburton in the ‘shootout’ we had for this week’s Radio Show, I just seem to hate everything that is Clint Windsor. The kid who is 6’4” plays like he is 5’6” in the net. He stays deep in the net, his ‘rebound control’ consists of making sure he stops the puck and hoping his D can clear the puck. His glove is average, he can not play the puck and I see no athletic ability.

When I look at Daniel Altshuller I at least see potential to be a great goaltender. Yes, as mentioned he has not turned heads in a positive manner. The Oshawa Generals look like fools for trading for Altshuller but I still say that Daniel is the better prospect. His rebound control is solid. Athletic ability rivals some of the top goaltenders in the OHL. Great glove, great stick side, my only argument is that he is playing like Jack Campbell. Last season when Jack Campbell came into the league he was completely unprepared for what the OHL is, bigger faster stronger. That is an absolute fact. Daniel is coming into that right now, basically being shelled shocked by much better talent than he faced all last season in the CCHL.

What is never factored into goaltender draft rankings is their athletic ability and the odds/percentage of recovery. Altshuller in all those ‘intangible’ categories leads Windsor, but his numbers given the level of expectation is horrendous. I still believe the last half of the season will show a night and day revelation in the Generals goaltenders numbers and ability. On the flip side, Mathias Neiderberger will continue to carry the load in Barrie and thus limit Clint Windsor to less than 17 starts this season.

Which goes back to one of my main arguments, how do you rate a back up higher than a starter?

It is moments like this that I believe these scouting services should hire Thayne and myself, besides our absolute A+ analysis of prospects, we also input common sense into our potential draft rankings. And in ours, I can guarantee We agree that Altshuller is higher than Windsor. 

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