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The Double OA Consideration

This one is for you Desousa...

I opened up the floor to viewer/listeners/tweeps ideas and opinions for future blog posts and I would like to thank the many blog ideas that came my way... I am honoured that you want my opinion on the matter, or you sent me the topics so I can make a fool of myself... either or...

Even though I 'dedicated' this one to OHL Alum Chris Desousa, now with UPEI, there was another person who wanted to know about this topic so lets go shall we.

When you read tweets from players about wanting to be a Double OA, hating the fact that they have to cook their own meals, do their own laundry or they just don't want to grow up, you roll your eyes at them. I do. It is ok to admit it. I was a university student once, I left... it wasn't for me. For some reason I thought Radio Broadcasting was for me and I graduated with 'high honours', best in the class with numerous awards on my way to the real world. In the same light, these OHLers who were boys entering the league now leave as men so they really have no reason to complain about having to do things for themselves. But how about this, maybe this is a perfect opportunity to transition these players into the real world while receiving the comforts of still being a 'major junior' player.

A middle league. How about that? a transitional league for those who are moving on to CIS but saving them from jumping in feet first into the real world. Sure this sounds like I am making these kids out to be babies, but let me explain.

For all intensive purposes the NCAA is for late bloomers (please dont leave comments about what the NCAA is, just follow me here) while CIS in Canada is considered a 'dead zone' (even though the overall play in the league is rising) so how about a single year transitional year for the lost OA's and the first year removed players? with only 60 OA spots available there are many OHLers who must move on a year before they are ready to leave the Major Junior game. By forming a league that is localized more than the entire OHL, say around 4 or 5 close universities. You can provide the 'support' that these players need, giving them a high level of competition while easing them into the 'real world'. Lets take a look at the criteria needed to be apart of this Prep League for the Real World

  • Full Time School - Full course load with minimum grades needed to play
  • No 'OA' Pay - the players will not receive an 'open' cheque, they will be given an 'allowance' in which it will be used for food, bills, etc. no more video games.
  • Billets Living - They will get the benefits of living in a billets but the billets family will not be responsible for their whereabouts (curfew)
  • Age - 20 and 21 year olds only, if you happen to be a cut OA you can play, first year out of MAjor Junior you can play. No exceptions
  • Volunteer Hrs Mandatory - Certain number of hours a week volunteering making sure they are not 'wasting' their second chance.

That is just a few of the base criteria that could be implimented for this prep league to help transition these kids out of the Major Junior system. Lets face it, just because you are deemed 'too old' doesn't mean you are prepared or ready to take that next step. A nice transition is always useful.

What do you think? could this work or is this just players who do not want to grow up?

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