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2011/12 Team Needs - Central Division

As we continue the content-a-day giveaway... Lets take a look at what the teams may be drafting for come the OHL Priority Draft this Saturday May, 7th live on

To preface, the lists of what the team declares as 'holes to be filled' is not FACT. These are my opinions and are corroborated with others and is a general guess as to what they may be trying to fill come draft day. If they are not addressed during draft day remember that they can also trade for players already in the league. Also, this is 'in a perfect world scenario' as the first 7-10 picks will be best player available and defy the logic of what I am talking about.

Barrie Colts - The colts need a lot of help in the upcoming season. That is a fact. But when you look at what they do have in place, it is not as bad as this year could be. Their forwards are actually going to be near the top of the league. Their Goaltending duo of Charts and Windsor will benefit from the older group in front of them, so that leaves the D position... and aren't they going to be drafting that super tall 15 yr old?

Brampton Battalion - Goalie? check. Defence? Double check. So that leaves forward. Simple enough. 

Mississuaga St. Michael's Majors - The fact that no 94's played all season long, could be a bad move. Then again if they win the OHL championship and the Memorial Cup... who cares. The Majors lose 2 OA's at D and one 91 birthday. Since Dave Cameron is a defence first coach (providing he hasn't moved on to the NHL) then he would look for a talented D man, maybe a puck mover. It will definitely be a D before another F.

Niagara IceDogs - This team is poised to lose some good OA's and some tough 91 birth year decisions ahead of them. Their D is young and already taking over ice time from veterans. Visentin could make the jump to the NHL next season, but my money is on a Forward who is going to be drafted by NIA.

Sudbury Wolves - I am a little confused here. It is either a goaltender, or a forward. And with no faith in Jacob Riley (so I been told) it is more probable to trade for a goalie for the upcoming year, if they do not give the rigns to Alex Laino that is. Since their are options between the pipes, and the defence corps may not lose anyone, the smart money is on the Wolves drafting a forward.

Another tough division as we have one to go. As per Monday's post about how to handle the draft, and the types of plays there can be. Just looking at who will be graduating and based on who a consensus believes will be next years OA's, this is how it was determined what the teams will be looking for at least early on in the draft. Of course they will still take a goalie in the late rounds even if they have 4 in their system. You just never know. But this is just something else to think of before the OHL Priority draft on Saturday. Tomorrow will be looking at the East division so remember to come check that out.

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