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The 2011/12 Belleville Bulls

So here's the deal... I wanted to be done this by May, but due to time restrictions and travel it is happening now. For 20 days, In The O... will be looking at each OHL team and thanks to a consensus Panel will formulate what we believe the 2011/12 roster for these teams will look like. To decide this, the consensus panel first pitched who they thought, would be the OA players for the team. We then took 2 of their OHL priority Draft selections and added them to the roster. We did not look at 2010 selections in determining the roster and looked at a 13 Forward, 7 Defence and 2 Goalie system, thus leaving 8 player cards open for each team. We did not look at trades or other additions to the roster. Just simply took the 10/11 Roster and made minor changes. Sounds simple doesn't it... here is what In The O... projects as the roster for... The Belleville Bulls

Over Age Players - Andy Bathgate, Luke Judson, Adam Payerl
OA's Cut - Bjorn Krupp, Brett Mackie
2011 Priority Draft Selections - Jordan Subban (D), Michael McCarron (F)

Goaltenders - Malcolm Subban & Tyson Teichmann - A really strong feeling that Tyson will not be with this club come September, but as per the rules must go with who is listed on the 2010/11 roster

Defence - Darryl Snelling, Alex Basso, Adam Bignell, Steven Strong, Stephen Silas, Branden Morris, Jordan Subban - simply replace Krupp with Subban and this D is already improved.

Forwards - Luke Judson, Michael McCarron, Adam Payerl, Michael Curtis, Andy Bathgate, Austen Brassard, Brendan Gaunce, Scott Simmonds, Dylan Corson, Carter Sandlak, Braeden Corbeth, Jan Kaminsky - The Bulls still need one forward to make 13 but have utilized all their OA spots. This would likely lead to a 2010 draft pick making the roster.

That is it... Just that simple. This is just a quick look at who could be on the team, with the importance placed on who will be playing as an OA or who will be cut from the Team.

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