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2007/12 Team Needs - East Division

As we continue the content-a-day giveaway... We get to the final division, the East. So lets take a look at who these teams may be targeting on Saturday. and don't forget the OHL Priority Draft this Saturday May, 7th live on

To preface, the lists of what the team declares as 'holes to be filled' is not FACT. These are my opinions and are corroborated with others and is a general guess as to what they may be trying to fill come draft day. If they are not adressed during draft day remember that they can also trade for players already in the league. Also, this is 'in a perfect world scenario' as the first 7-10 picks will be best player available and defy the logic of what I am talking about.

Kingston Frontenacs - With all the scrutiny that this team goes through in terms of not having this, or giving away that. This is Kingston's time to get this or that. But the question is where to begin. This team needs a better blueline, they need confident goaltending and they need people to put the 'biscuit in the basket'. So i guess with my babbling I would have to say, Kingston's draft board will be filled with the best available players. I do have to say that even though many are not to happy about the potential of a Palazzese, Perry goalie tandem. You have to understand it could be worse... and that the Fronts will not be contending next year so it is not that big of an issue.

Belleville Bulls - It came down to the wire to earn the playoff spot and whether you believe in Teichmann or not. The team has quality goaltending in Subban, and possibly Altshuller. Or even another year with Tyson. Their defence is basically returning as a whole unit for the 11/12 season so that leave the forward position for the Bulls. The team has a top pick so more likely they will fall into a best available but they would kill for an impact forward the likes of a Brendan Gaunce... hopefully not the playoff hair. then again... a Subban is eligible to be drafted... so all bets out the window here.

Peterborough Petes - Peterborough had a tough year, on and off the ice. With all of the changes around the team nailing one position will be difficult. Peterborough needs to have confidence between the pipes, but a 95 birth year goalie wont bring that. Their young Defence is not comparable to Brampton, but with all the ice time and experience they gained this year, could be a force next year. That leaves the forward position for the Petes and considering they draft 2nd overall... they have the pick of any 95 birthday they want. Nicholas Ritchie.

Oshawa Generals - This team is poised for a tremendous run come 2011/12. What do they need... nothing. No one this team can draft in the first round will help them improve in terms of pushing them over the age. They do need a goaltender, because if the team believed in Kevin Baille... they wouldn't have traded for DiSalvo. The D will suffer a bit as an OA moves on, De Haan will be in NYI of the NHL and Maggio or Zupancic will be your veteran defender. as for offence... a big CHECK! so stick with a defenceman here.

Ottawa 67's - After the disappointing first round exit by the 67's this year... They will be looking for a spark plug to show the fans the best is still to come... even though they will more than likely lose Martindale and Toffoli to the AHL if not NHL next season. Mrazek is back. So no worrying about Goaltending as there are two goalies who could come on up for experience. Their young forwards really stepped up in the later third of the season so there is no reason to think they will regress. That leave the blueline which will lose an OA to graduation and possibly 1 or both 91 birth years. to the Dfence could be young and need some more top quality help.

We are done the divisions and you now know what to possibly expect from each team when they are on the clock. Make sure you look at In The O... Mock Predictions for the First Round in the OHL Priority Draft. Starting Monday there will be a more indepth look at each of the 20 rosters in the OHL.

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