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Interview with Belleville Bulls, Jordan Subban

The history of Subban and Belleville has gone back all the way to 2005/06, 5 full seasons now has a Subban donned the Red, Black and Yellow of the Belleville Bulls jersey. And this year, 2011/12 there will be Two Subbans on the ice. In May the Bulls selected Jordan Subban, a defenceman from the Toronto Marlboros, 5th overall. Jordan will join his brother Malcolm, Belleville starting goaltender, on the ice in hopes of turning around the Bulls franchise who finished 8th in the Eastern Conference last season. Jordan has a lot of upside and is more touted than both his brothers while at the same age. He is very sought after and this definitely is not his first interview, but it is the first with ITO. Here is my email interview with the blueline rookie, Jordan Subban.

Jordan, I like to start with this question so I have to ask. OHL Showcase Cup. Winning it all. Explain the feeling in two words. go! lol but seriously to be at this level a tremendous feat no?

Two words I would use to describe the feeling would be extremely ecstatic. We worked really hard as a team and to be able to win this tournament and when we did it felt like a huge bolder was lifted off our shoulders and we could relax and enjoy it.

I have done numerous interviews this year with Toronto Marlboros, I guess you guys are popular. Alex Fotinos which I quoted you in the story. There was Nicholas Ritchie and now yourself. Who is the next Marlie I should interview and why would you say him?

I think you should interview Bryson Cianfrone next he was a great captain and a great player. (Coming soon)

Following in your brothers footsteps, and even in that brothers footsteps. 5th overall by the Belleville Bulls. Were you not secretly wishing to be picked by another team. I mean you have spent so many years at the Yardmen already, do you really want to play in that arena for the bulls too? Lol

I didn’t really have much preference to where I wanted to play, I didn’t know where I was going to be picked so being picked by Belleville was a surprise to me. I have spent a lot of time at the yardmen but I never get bored of going to the rink.

I never got a chance to talk to Pernell Karl while he was a member of the Bulls, but I did get to watch him numerous times in the 07/08 season, and of course enjoy watching your brother Malcolm right now in goal for Belleville. What is one thing you have learned from both that you keep with you to this day. and no cheating has to be two different things.

One thing that I have learned from both my brothers is to always be humble and hungry to learn new thing and get better consistently.

In an phone interview with Malcolm last year I introduced him as 'Pernell Karl Subbans Younger Brother' and never made reference to his name Malcolm. We laugh about it now. If Malcolm is PK's younger brother, what do we call you?

Hahahaha you can call me the good looking one!

You are a very similar player to PK, a lot of comparisons to him. how do you take the comparisons to your oldest brother? would you prefer that they be to another offensive defenseman?

The sense that we both like to get involved in the offense, but P.K. is a lot bigger then I am so he is more physical and he doesn’t jump up as much as I do.

Back in the OHL Showcase for people getting their first look at you. Man did you love to rush with the puck, but you seemed hesitant to take it all the way, not all the time, but most. Is this a growing thing with you? confidence with the puck or was it just a style of play?

I love to rush the puck and have the puck a lot but I have to keep my teammates involved to, as the year went on I got better and better at this and I owe it to my coaching staff for really helping me on this.

and speaking of style of play, has there been discussions on what you need to improve on entering this season or something that you specifically want to improve on?

There is nothing I really focused on, getting stronger and in my defensive zone I may have paid more attention to but I’m only 16 and I want to work on developing all areas of my game.

Finally, you have the upper hand here Jordan, I am going to be interviewing your new Belleville Teammate Alex Carnevale right after you. any good gossip i can catch him off guard with?

Haha no nothing I can think of

If you love to watch defenceman go from end to end and make plays happen, then you are in luck. Jordan will deliver just that and create so many offensive chances for the Bulls with his style of play. Don't believe me, well just follow him on twitter (@Jordansubban) and ask him yourself. I am sure he will prove you wrong and also chirp you at the same time.

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