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Cat Attack!!!

After about 2 weeks of waiting for the trade that a disgruntled Buffalo Sabres draft pick asked/demanded. It has finally happened. And to think, I was just about to post a 'where in the OHL will the Cat end up'. Well I guess those crazy theories will never see the light of day now.
But let's talk about the actual deal now shall we. All this time Soo GM Kyle Dubas has thrown around phrases like 'Fair Value', 'Equal Return' and 'The Right Deal'. after digesting what those three phrases mean... I have to say that the young Dubas missed the mark... And quite possible the target.
Now as many of my followers Twitter (@intheoradio) have pointed out... It is far to early to Eva,hate this trade. To a degree you are absolutely correct. A game has not been played this season, one or the other could be injured, have a breakout season etc. Here is where I disagree with that notion.
We live in the age of instant analysis... So let's play by these rules.

There is no doubt that Daniel Catenacci is a talented hockey player. Heck I compare him to Alexi Kovalev. Now you may instantly roll your eyes at that remark but it is true. A gifted and exceptionally skilled hockey player who at times will be lazy and unmotivated. Now do you get the comparisson. The fact that I high on D.C. Is no secret to many of you. He is a good kid, with a great family and many people close to him will tell you the same about how he approaches the game.
So The Soo GM after demanding an arm and a leg from Eastern Conference franchises (asked SBY for Sgarbossa) Kyle Dubas 'settles' for Andrew Fritsch and a 2nd round draft choice. Nothing against Andrew Fritsch but when you think of top end talent in the OHL how many people think of Andrew Fritsch? I will take a moment to count the hands...

And then to top it all off, Cat is traded to the Western Conference where there is now 'extra motivation' in the games. Not to mention if they meet in the playoffs. Can you see the headlines now? Cat burns hounds with 3 including OT winner in game 7. Ok maybe that is going to far... But it could happen. Not to mention the other way.
Owen Sound GM Dale DeGray won this deal today. He basically gave up a hard nosed 2nd-3rd line player for a top line centre. Can you argue with that's right now? No, you can not. That is why we live in the world of instant analysis.

When this trade happened I shook my head. OS made out like bandits like Sudbury did with Sgarbossa for McFarland. Heck Sudbury is still winning that deal. Truth be told it is too early to claim a winner and loser in this deal.

But. I go to bed Wednesday evening I am sure I will think the same Thursday morning, and even next Wednesday. How did Kyle Dubas mess this up?

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Anonymous said...

Completely disagree. Daniel is never lazy on the ice, he gives it 100% every shift. And while you compare him to Kovalev he is more so comparable to a Rico Fata. Epic speed, too much for his brain to handle. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Daniel the last 2 seasons in the Soo and I am disappointed he's gone. In the end, we need players who want to be here and will play with all heart. Here's looking forward to this season!

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