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ITO Hot-Stove: who is the best goaltender in the OHL?

Considering we at have been debating who the best teams in the league are as of late, I figured it was time to examine who the best goaltender is. Joining me in this week's hot-stove is Matt Leacy, Brandon Sudeyko, Thayne Hallyburton and Alex Quevillon.

Without further ado I'd like to introduce you all to this week's debate question: who is the best goaltender in the OHL?

Todd Cordell

I'm going to go with $cott 'Money' Wedgewood of the Plymouth Whalers. He's one of, if not the most well-rounded goaltender in the OHL and his skill level is off the charts. His movement is fantastic, he's a very good puck-handler and has an outstanding glove-hand. He's always extremely aware of what's going on and can read plays like a book. It always appears as though he's one step ahead of the oppositions offensive players and for that reason I think he's the best. When you factor in the numbers Wedgewood has put up during his career in the OHL I think you can certainly make the case that he's the best.

Matt Leacy

The OHL's best goalie is without a doubt John Gibson of the Kitchener Rangers.

The guy's stats speak for themselves. He's HUGE for the Rangers. He leads the OHL in GAA, save percentage, wins and saves amongst rookie goaltenders,  and you can't count how many times he has saved the Rangers from a loss. Case and point this past week against Owen Sound when the Rangers were outshot 44-32, and they were able to win 5-4. 

Add to that the league's second best goalie in Franky Palazesse and you get the OHL's best goaltending tandem, something that will certainly carry the Rangers deep into the OHL playoffs this spring I am certain.

Plus, Gibby is considered Kryptonite for a certain team that, ironically, wears green.

Brandon Sudeyko

Statistically speaking how do you not go with Subban. He is a stud. and some Belleville players admit that he is the reason they had such a great start to the season. I don't think he is the best goaltender in the OHL though.

Mark Visentin... I'm sorry did you expect me to say Jack Campbell. HA!

Why would I go against my boy Vizzer now? He is still a top level goalie, and don't give me that 'he isn't elite' garbage. How about we try to deflate some stats from these goalies playing on super teams. Take a look at the recent string of games where he has notched 3 straight shutouts, or never lost a game in January. Technically speaking he is the best goaltender in the OHL. His mental state is far superior to everyone else's in the league right now. All the tools are there, and show me one instance where he had two back to back stinkers in net. you can't. it hasn't happened. This kid takes a lot of flack from everyone for you know what, but all he has done is say, 'ok, I will shut you up' and he has. Hands down best goalie in the OHL.

Thayne Hallyburton

I know most people are going to go with Vizzer, especially after the month that he just had. I decided to attack this as a body of work. Michael Houser has played nearly all of the games that the London Knights had been in pre-trade deadline. Since the acquisition of Tyson Teichmann, the work load has lessoned just a little but he has the London Knights atop the CHL. His numbers speak for themselves but what makes him the best goalie, in this scribes opinions, is what he does for his team. He gives them confidence to take risks because they know he is there to back them up. What is even more impressive is that he is a leader in the locker room. He isn't the quintessential, aloof and quirky personality that a lot of goalies have. Look for Houser to be the reason London will represent the O at the Memorial Cup.

Alex Quevillon

It would be easy for me to say our very own Petr Mrazek and pump his tires with references to the World Juniors.  I love the way Mrazek plays but Ottawa has been involved in far too many 6-5 games with him in net and while he is impressive down low, he lets in far too many goals from far out, to be considered the best in the OHL.  It would also be easy to give the honors to one of Canada's goaltenders, but Visentin's been pulled too many times, early in games this season and it's hard to say Wedgewood is the league's best when he shares duties with Matt Mahalak.

JP Anderson had been impressive in his time with Mississauga, although backstopping a team that consistently played a defensive system.  If he can go back to the Memorial Cup for a second year in a row with Sarnia, I may change my vote to him.  But for now, I'm going to have to say Michael Houser.  34 wins?  Few goalies are going to get that many wins all year, let alone in 44 games.  If you can find another goalie that can play in 94 percent of his games and win consistently, I'll listen.  Bobkov gets honorable mention because he has started in the same number of games with a much weaker defense in front of him.

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