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What's Your Beef Kingston?

SO in trying to come up with things to talk about, I wanted to get away from the normal 'what the heck are they doing in Kingston' talks... but I can't. Dspite Tyler King, host of Kingston's most listened to hour long sports program.. I would tell you the program name... but I honestly don't remember and it isn't important to this point. After tweeting something to the effect of...

'instead of adding any type of offensive power. @KingstonFronts GM Gilmour. Gets rid of 3 defenseman and adds a goaltender'

Tyler had the audacity of saying, '@intheoradio They're not building for this year, though - and they're re-stocking the draft pick cupboard, which makes sense.'

Now the only reason I take exception to his remarks is this.... if you know anything about Tyler, he slags the Fronts more than anyone. Koolaid drinking much? but I digress...

are you as confused with this franchise as I am. After claiming last season that the Frontenacs are a memorial cup contender (nothing could be further from the truth) where should the team go considering it wasn't even close to what the head office thought?

Considering that they finished in the middle of the Eastern Conference they could go up or down? and with the pieces they had in place, with previous drafts, with some good, not great, but good younger talent. Why couldn't the Frontenacs prepare for another 5-7th place finish in the East while picking up pieces to move in the right direction?

The trade window opens up and GM Gilmour sends away 2 defenceman, plus release their best (+/-) defenceman (not a great indication of how good a defenceman is) and pick up a goaltender who looked horrendous infront of a team that played much better than this years version of the Fronts.

Throw into the mix the drafting of Max Domi and the rest of the poor choices (minus Conor McGlynn) and I am left scratching my head thoroughly. What kind of message is this franchise sending with their poor draft choices, their poor trades and what I am expecting to be a 9th place team in the Eastern Conference.

Even if this team is restocking then why wouldn't you run out some youthful goaltending (Palazesse and Perry) and create some value for them. How about you sign some of your draft picks? trade away some of those veterans and go the Barrie route? how about do this properly instead of half assed. Ok it is very early in the summer and I am very uneasy about this Bobkov deal. I mean why not develop a goaltender? You should change the way you do things about once a decade.

Time will tell on this whole ordeal that is called the Kingston Frontenacs. Really I would love for them to not be a laughing stock of the league. Oh its true. Just look at the track record of poor decisions from in the office to on the ice and tell me that another team has done worse. and if you want to bring up the Soo... take a look at the roster.

So in away I have gotten away from a bit of the facts. but they are there for you to see. This was more of a rant of unhappiness. but will anyone argue against me on this? Does this franchise not make you want to rip your eyeballs out?

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