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Humber College Pub

Last year marked the end of an era with the closure of Caps Pub. This year Humber has been without a pub so far, as the opening of LinX has been delayed. Booths, TV’s, better food, and a better atmosphere were promised to students last year and with none of that evident at the preview pub night, one can only hope these changes are being made for the official opening. It would be nice for LinX to be not only a Thursday night dance party, but an everyday social hub for students at Humber.

The first pub night was long awaited. Although only a preview, there was already disappointingly huge line outside of the LX building at 9 p.m., and the excruciating wait was longer than an hour. When students were finally granted access into the building, just inside the doors was another line equally as long. Yes folks, you had to wait in two lines to get into the bar. Not to mention bathroom facilities were not available to the students waiting in line. Most people can attest that when you’re going to the pub, chances are you have already had a couple drinks. Having to wait for over an hour before a bathroom is available does not cut it.

The lack of facilities along with the excessive amount of police and security felt like you were an inmate going to see Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, but without the Cash. It is understood that having a weekly pub night will draw a larger than normal crowd, but something needs to be done to address the needs of students and make it feel like your entering a college pub, not a major club or venue. A college bar should be easily accessible, and not have a security-heavy feel of a downtown club.

It has been taken into account that LinX was far from finished, but in my opinion it was not quite ready to host even a preview pub night. The atmosphere was not at all different than Caps. In fact, it was worse. Murmurs from people around the room deemed that it felt similar to a high school dance, and I could not have described it better myself.

Hopefully the promises made last year will be evident by opening night, and LinX will finally bring a college pub atmosphere to Humber. I want to be able to go to the pub any given day and enjoy a meal or watch a hockey game, without house music in the background. It should be an alternative to sitting in the cafeteria or the lounge, where fellow students can socialize and feel like it is their own local pub.

- Jeff Blay

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